MILL CREEK BOTANICALS: Almond Castile Soap 16 fl oz

Almond Castile Soap - 16 fl oz

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Castile Soap is named for its place of origin - 'Old Castile' -
a former kingdom of Northern Spain dating back to the 10th
Century. In our high-tech, rapidly changing world Castile Soap
remains true to its beginnings - an uncomplicated, natural blend
for mild, yet effective cleansing. Our traditional Castile Soap
uses a pure vegetable oil base and contains no animal fats and
no synthetic detergents. Use this multi-purpose, biodegradable
soap for all your cleansing needs. Peppermint Castile
Soap 16 ounce size & 32 ounce sizes Almond Castile Soap 16
ounce & 32 ounce sizes

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