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Serrazimes® is a proteolytic blend composed of enzymes derived
from the edible fungi, Aspergillus oryzae and Aspergillus
melleus. Scientific studies indicate that Serrazimes may help
maintain and support cardiovascular and lymphatic health through
its ability to help break down excess fibrin. Serrazimes® may
also help support the immune system and promote a healthy
response to external stresses. Serrazimes® is safe and
effective when used as directed, providing enzymatic activity
equivalent to Serrapeptidate (aka, Serrapeptase).*

Best Systemic Enzymes - What Are Systemic Enzymes?

Enzymes are an essential part of every human’s body and it is important to find out about the best systemic enzymes. There are two types of enzymes that are essential to every day living. The first type is digestive enzymes, which break down foods for efficient digestion. The second type is the systemic enzymes, which are responsible for the organs in the body. There are about three thousand enzymes in the human body on average and these enzymes cause about seven thousand biological reactions in a human’s life time.

The five main areas that systemic enzymes work in are: natural anti-inflammatory, which is responsible for healing wounds or injuries on the body. The next is anti-fibrosis which controls and eats up scar tissue. Then there’s the blood cleansing enzymes which clear up possible blood clots and dispose of all the dead material which is deposited. Immune System modulating is another systemic enzyme type which is one of the most important enzymes which help fight off illnesses and diseases.

Virus fighting enzymes are correlated with the immune system modulated enzymes as they are both responsible for fighting off any kind of disease of bacteria infection. All these enzyme types are incredibly important to every human and so it is helpful for people to make use of the best systemic enzymes supplements to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The best systemic enzyme supplements offer a natural alternative to fighting illnesses. Many people will simply go for the hardest chemically-composed medications they can find to cure their illness, although this can often cause more harm than good. The best systemic enzyme supplements do not have to be prescribed and are easily accessible.

Although the best systemic enzyme supplements differ in strengthening different types of enzymes, the most popular seems to be the blood cleansing enzyme supplements, as these stop disease where they start. The blood system is known for holding the most dead material and bacteria that causes illness and if the enzymes in the blood system are strengthened and increased, then the risk of illness is much lower than in the average human that does not use enzyme supplements.

In addition to the blood cleansing enzymes, there are also broad-spectrum systemic enzyme supplements which are almost as good and preventative as singularly concentrated enzyme supplements. In the case of the best enzyme supplements, it is not indicated to take supplements if you have one or multiple specific conditions, but rather to take them before a condition or illness develops. This is how systemic enzyme supplements differ to digestion enzyme supplements.

The following information on the best systemic enzyme supplements proves that any person should take these enzyme supplements even if you are an extremely healthy and fit person. Enzymes are definitely under rated when measuring their effectiveness as they are very much needed in the digestive and organ systems in the body. Enzyme supplements can increase the length of one’s life as well as improve the quality of life in all humans.

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