ALL-ONE (NUTRI-TECH): Calcium Powder 240 gm

Calcium Powder - 240 gm

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ALL ONE Vitamin and Mineral Supplement Powders.
CALCIUM COMPLEX Calcium and Magnesium are two of the most
essential and prolific minerals in the body. Every person has
different requirements for these minerals depending on their
current stage of life, i.e. pregnant or post menopause. The ALL
ONE® Calcium Complex has become the supplement of choice to
ensure the proper intake of these vital minerals. Often getting
adequate amounts of these minerals means a number of large hard
to digest tablets to swallow. With ALL ONE Calcium Complex
powder, one tablespoon mixed in liquid provides a full 1,000mgs
of Calcium from Calcium Citrate and 500mgs of elemental
Magnesium. This is the optimal ratio of these two essential
minerals for absorption and utilization. This neutral
tasting powder can be added to your ALL ONE drink or mixed with
juice, milk or water. 100% Pure Nutrition No
Yeast • No Gluten • No Sweeteners • No Flavors • No Colors No
Binders • No Excipients • No Fillers One tablespoon ( 15
grams ) contains: 36 servings per container Ingredient
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value* Calcium (calcium
citrate) 1000mg 100% Magnesium (magnesium chelate) 500mg 125%

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