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ACTIVE SENIORS Tailoring the ALL ONE Original Formula to
suit the active adult market, this formula has been fortified
with nutrients shown by research to be important for the aging
adult.In addition to the easy-to-digest complete nutrition of
the Original formula, this iron free Active Seniors formula
contains: A whey (dairy) protein base Co-Q10, a potent
antioxidant that supports alertness and memory FOS
(Fructo-Oligosaccharides) to promote beneficial bowel flora and
colon health 1125mgs of calcium 125mcg of vitamin B-12
Ginko Biloba - good for circulation and memory 5mg
lutein In additon to the ALL ONE 100% pure
multivitamin/mineral powder, this especially formulated powder
for Adults and Active Seniors contains: Ginkgo Biloba- The
Brains Defense Plant. Although only 2% of your body weight, the
brain consumes half your blood sugar and a fifth of your oxygen.
With age, however, blood flow in the brain can decrease by up to
20%. The phyto chemicals in Ginkgo leaves have an affinity for
the blood vessels in the brain, where they promote the release
of prostaglandins that help vessels to dilate. This increases
the circulation- hence oxygen and glucose- to the brain. The
terpene lactones in Ginkgo inhibit blood platelet clumping,
which helps maintain the integrity of tiny capillaries in the
brain. Co-enzyme Q10- The energizer at the heart of every
cell. An enzyme derivative of the vitamin B family, Co-Q10 is
required for the production of ATP, the body's energy molecule.
Also a potent antioxidant, Co-Q10 helps protect your brain,
liver, and heart-organs where Co-Q10 is most concentrated.
Co-Q10 is particularily crucial to the health of the heart. The
body synthesizes Co-Q10, but its ability to do so declines with
age. NutraFlora FOS- The balance of power in the bowel. FOS
(fructooligosaccharides) is a naturally occurring, insoluable
carbohydrate fiber. It selectively feeds the beneficial bacteria
residing in the digestive tract. NutraFlora is the only FOS
guaranteed to increase the population of these friendly bacteria
that protect the lower intestinal tract from harmful bacteria.
Over the years, an unhealthy bacterial balance can develop in
your colon, due to poor diet or the use of antibiotics. Clinical
studies show that one gram of NutraFlora taken daily for a month
increased good bacteria fivefold. FOS also helps normalize
regularity. Reishi Mushroom Extract- Legendary
longevity. For millennia, Chinese herbalists have recommended
Reishi for bolstering the body's natural defenses. As scientific
research verifies Reishi's adaptogenic qualities, this anceint
fungi has become a modern tonic used in many wellness
programs. Calcium- The mineral that matters. Because you are
able to absorb less calcium as you age, ALL ONE for Active
Seniors contains 1125 mg of calcium, chelated for optimum
bioavailability. Rice Bran- Fiber for the grand
finale. Fiber cleanses the digestive track but it is also
needed to help remove excess cholesterol and toxins from your

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