NATURADE: Complete Cleanse 2 pc

Complete Cleanse - 2 pc

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* 15 days to an energized, slimmer looking you*
* Promotes the elimination of digestive waste*
* Gently encourages regularity*
* Vegetarian Formula*

Cleansing has never been more important. In today’s fast-paced world of competition and deadlines we sometimes cut corners in order to fit everything in. Often what suffers is our ability to properly nourish our bodies with a wholesome diet. Chemically laden, processed foods that are high in fat and low in fiber can over tax our bodies, creating a demand for more attention. A poor diet may leave you feeling sluggish, bloated and uncomfortable. Take the first step to better health with Complete Cleanse™ by Naturade®.*

Complete Cleanse™15 day purification and rejuvenation system is an important part of your cleansing program. It is a two-step system formulated to promote the gentle elimination of harmful digestive toxins for total body purification. All-Natural Herbs and Bio-Active Fiber capsules deliver a balance of digestive stimulants, soothing botanicals and protective nutrients in Gluten-Free, vegetarian capsules.*

Step 1: All-Natural Herbs contains botanicals and natural nourishment to promote the cleansing and detoxification of the whole body. The scientifically developed and proprietary formula includes cleansing herbs like Milk Thistle, Alfalfa powder and Fenugreek to support natural detoxification making you feel healthier and more energized. Soothing herbs like Slippery Elm, Ginger and Peppermint are present to calm and support the elimination processes. Additional herbs in the All-Natural Herbs formula are added for your total body wellness and lighter feeling.*

Step 2: Bio-Active Fiber promotes the elimination of unwanted digestive toxins and encourages the replenishment of health promoting good bacteria. Natural fiber from Psyllium, Alfalfa, Cascara sagrada and more contained in the Bio-Active Fiber complex will increase the number of daily eliminations, gently cleanse the lower digestive tract and remove unwanted toxins with the natural stimulation of fiber. Sweeping away unwanted waste may promote your well-being, including reduced bloating , less discomfort and a more energized feeling. Lactobacillus acidophilus, a well studied probiotic, promotes a balanced digestion and improved intestinal mucosa. Sweep away waste and rebuild your natural balance with Complete Cleanse™.*

In addition to a well balanced diet and appropriate exercise, Complete Cleanse™ will help you battle the symptoms of our modern, convenient lifestyle. Reduce bloating and discomfort and create an energized you. Cleansing has never be more important than today.*

Directions for use: Adults: For 15 days take 2 All-Natural Herb capsules and two (2) Bio-Active Fiber capsules in the morning and at night. Take capsules with at least 8 oz of water. Naturade recommends consuming 8-10 glasses of water per day during your natural cleanse program.

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