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Its Natural Unlike bruises, Nelsons Arnicare cream is no
accident. Arnica montana, the Alpine active ingredient in
Nelsons Arnica is proven to be an effective alternative to
conventional bruise treatments. As a cream it helps minimise the
appearance of new bruises and aids the healing of existing ones.
Try it for yourself and see just how effective it is. Legend
has it that climbers used to chew Arnica plant to help recover
from the aches and pains of walking (and falling!). However,
since Nelsons Arnicare cream shouldn't be taken orally we don't
recommend you eat it. Pop it in your first aid kit Nelsons
Arnicare cream comes in two sizes - the 50g tube for your
medicine cupboard and the smaller more convinient 30g tube for
your handbag or travel first aid kit - because no matter how
careful we are, whether around the house or out and about, life
will always find a way of tripping us up. Serious bruising
advice Thankfully serious bruises don't happen that often,
but when they do it's important to know how to treat them.
Calm the person and let him/her know that you can help The
bruised area should be raised if possible and supported in a
comfortable position Wrap a bag of frozen peas in a cloth and
place it on the bruise - remember to keep removing it to avoid
damaging the skin Apply nelsons Arnicare cream gently to the
bruised area Do not apply Arnicare to broken skin Use
Naturallythinking Lavender Essential Oil - to help prevent
infection and heal the area quicker Works on the Whole
Family Nelsons Arnicare cream is suitable for the whole
family. Which is just as well considering it's often us sensible
adults who end up being the clumsy ones. So whether you've
been rushing the DIY or getting carried away on the squash
couty, simply grab some Nelsons Arnicare and apply gently to any
bruised area. Active Ingredients Arnica
montana Directions Apply gently to bruised areas. Do not
apply to cut or broken skin. Precautions Side effects are
rare. If you notice anything unusual or symptons persist,
consult your doctor or homeopath. If you are pregnant or
breastfeeding always consult a doctor before using this product.
Do not use if sensitive to any ingredients. Nelsons products
are not tested on animals

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