# NP4333

Eternal Lean contains (Raspberry Ketones, Coleus Forskohlii, Green Tea and Synaptalean).

Raspberry ketones - Organic compounds that spark lipolysis, the breakdown of fat

Coleus forskohlii - Ayurvedic herb that promotes lean body mass

SynaptaLean™ - Promotes neurochemicals that optimize willpower, motivation and self-control

InnuGuard™ - Inulin fiber that minimizes impact of sugars and carbs from diet

Brown seaweed extract - Promotes thermogenesis in visceral belly fat

LipoShield™ - Natural herbal extract Cassia nomame targets fats while promoting metabolism

Super CitriMax® - Reduces appetite, supports healthy blood sugar levels and inhibits fat production

Green tea extract - Legendary effectiveness in promoting peak metabolism

Rhodiola rosea - Time-tested adaptogen that promotes healthy energy throughout weight management

Ginger - Supports healthy fat metabolism

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