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# NS1002

MULTI-FIBER Multi-Fiber is an important part of the internal
Cleanse Platform. Over time, poor elimination adds up to toxic
build-up in the body. Toxic build-up often manifests itself in a
variety of negative symptoms. Many doctors and naturopaths agree
that 2 to 3 bowel movements per day is ideal for optimum health.
o Multi-Fiber combines 13 cleansing fibers, 5 herbs, chlorella
and acidophilus in a synergistic formula designed to facilitate
the elimination and removal of toxins.* o Multi-Fiber supports
the body's own natural detoxification processes, helping to
promote 2 to 3 good bowel movements per day.* o Multi-Fiber is
gentle. It is designed to be taken with Multi-Herb as part of
the popular Ultimate Cleanse program by Nature's Secret.

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