NATURE'S WAY: Red Clover Combination 100 caps

Red Clover Combination - 100 caps

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Red Clover Combination Description This formula contains
a synergistic blend of traditionally popular herbs Red Clover,
Prickly Ash Bark and others. Usage Red Clover, traditionally
used as a blood purifier, is blended with other traditionally
important medicinal herbs, to support the body in cleansing
multiple systems.* Recommended Daily Dosage 460 mg per
capsule. Take one capsule three times daily at mealtimes.
Increase dosage by one capsule each week until taking a maximum
of three capsules three times daily. The
following list is for serving size of 1 capsule (proprietary
formula) Primary Ingredients Barberry Bark Buckthorn
Bark Burdock Root Cascara Sagrada Bark Echinacea
Purpurea (stem, leaf, flower) Licorice Root Peach Bark
Prickly Ash Bark Red Clover Blossoms Rosemary Herb
Sarsaparilla Root Sheep Sorrell Other
Ingredients Gelatin

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