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Phosphatidyl Serine - 30 caps

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Phosphatidyl Serine Description This product is a
complex of phospholipid nutrients and fatty acids derived from
soy lecithin, and provided in oil soluble softgels perfect for
proper delivery of this product. Usage PS complex aids brain
cell function and reduces age-related mental decline. With age
normal brain and nerve cell activity may decline due to
diminished neurotransmitter and brain cell function.
Phosphatidyl Serine assists in regulating membrane transfer of
nutrients an neurotransmitters necessary for proper mental
function. PS can provide relatively quick benefits especially to
mature adults who are experiencing age related mental decline.
* Recommended Daily Dosage Take one capsule three times
daily with water at mealtimes for one month. Follow by a
maintenance dose of one or two capsules daily with water at
mealtimes. Benefits fade away within about a month if you stop
using the product. The following list is for
serving size of 1 softgel Primary Ingredients Amount USRDA
Capric Acid 51 mg 0% Caprylic Acid 120 mg 0% Linoleic
Acid 10 mg 0% Linolenic Acid 85 mg 0% Oleic Acid 15
mg 0% Palmitic Acid 27 mg 0% Phosphatidylcholine 45 mg
0% Phosphatidylinositol 5 mg 0% Phosphatidylserine 100
mg 0% Phosphatidylthenolamine 10 mg 0% Phosphorus 8 mg
0.8% Potassium (aspartate, chloride) 3 mg 0% Stearic
Acid 6 mg 0% Other Ingredients Gelatin, Glycerin

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Review of Phosphatidyl Serine - NATURE'S WAY Product NW0742
Reviewed by Mike B.
Saturday, May 7, 2011

Rating: 5/5

This is definitely the best product of it's kind available on the market today. I have been searching for a good supplement ever since my doctor recommended I begin taking some form of Phosphatidyl as a complement to my diet, and ever since I found this I have had no reason to switch.

Mike B. ,