NATURE'S WAY: Glucosamine Sulfate 80 tabs

Glucosamine Sulfate - 80 tabs

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Description Numerous scientific studies show glucosamine
sulfate to be highly effective. An advancement over competitive
brands, FlexMax is non-irritating to the stomach because of its
proprietary StomachGuard technology that utilizes plant fibers
to form a protective gel around the tablet upon entering the
digestive tract. This natural gel provides a cushioning effect
and regulates the release of glucosamine, thus shielding against
potential stomach irritation. Nature's Way FlexMax can be
comfortably taken at any time of the day, with or without a
meal. Usage Provides powerful nutritional support for
healthy joints by lubricating and nourishing damaged tissue and
cartilage. Successfully used by athletes as well as maturing
adults concerned about maintaining joint flexibility and
comfort. Ideal for hands, wrists, knees, back, neck, elbows,
hips and ankles.* Recommended Daily Dosage Take two tablets
twice daily with water.

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