NATURE'S WAY: Fisol Delayed-Release Fish Oil 45 softgels

Fisol Delayed-Release Fish Oil - 45 softgels

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Description Fisol, enteric coated, fish oil delivers 30% EPA
and 20% DHA. The unique coating withstands stomach acid so Fisol
dissolves in the small intestine and maximizes the body's
absorption of Omega-3 Essential Fatty
Acids. Usage Scientific research confirms the important role
of Omega-3 essential fatty acids in maintaining healthy blood
triglyceride levels, as well as supporting the heart, skin and
joints. Fish Oil contains an abundance of two-key Omega-3
Essential Fatty Acids, EPA and DHA. It is well documented that
cultures with a diet rich in fish oil have healthier
cardiovasular systems.* Recommended Daily Dosage Take one
Fisol softgel up to three times daily with water. Because Fisol
is enteric coated and better absorbed by the body, its required
dosage is less than taking non-coated fish oil.

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