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Umcka Original Drops - 1 fl oz

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Umcka Original Drops
Umcka™ ColdCare™ Original Drops™ Latin Name Pelargonium
sidoides Description Umcka ColdCare is made from Pelargonium
sidoides - a geranium species from South Africa. Umcka relieves
cold symptom, and also shortens duration and reduces severity of
secondary throat, sinus & bronchial irritations. Usage Helps
speed recovery from cold, flu, sinus and throat irritations For
best results take at the first sign of symptoms and continue to
use for an additional 48 hours after symptoms
subside* Recommended Daily Dosage Adults and children 12
years or older: take 1 ml 3 to 5 times daily. Children under 12
years old: consult a doctor. Concentrated drops can be taken
straight or mixed into juice or water Seasonality Cold & Flu
Season Primary Ingredients Amount USRDA 0%

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