Cafe Altura: Italian Roast Whole Bean Coffee 1.25 lb

Italian Roast Whole Bean Coffee - 1.25 lb

by   Cafe Altura
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  • Certified Kosher
  • Coffee the Way Nature Intended
  • Original Organic Coffee
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Italian Roast Whole Bean Coffee by Cafe Altura

A Story As Old As The Land...When Coffee was discovered a thousand years ago, it was a preciously guarded secret, so valuable the beans were used a currency. In 1980, a group of coffee lovers in Ojai, California head of a family farm in the mountains of Mexico which grew coffee naturally, the same way it had been when first found in the wild. Setting off on an adventure, coffee lovers found a place where self-sustaining agriculture produced a smooth and aromatic coffee with no trace of bitterness. They came back and started Cafe Altura, the original coffee, so you can taste coffee the way nature intended.

Cafe Altura coffees are organically grown at altitudes above 3000 feet. The coffee tree grows according to its natural cycle, without the use of harmful chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Using companion planting, compost and shade trees, the farmers create a balanced, healthy and self-sustaining growing environment that replenishes the topsoil and provides a winter home to many species of migratory birds. Buying from the same small family farms each year insures the integrity and quality of the coffees. Special harvesting selects ripened cherries washed in rainwater, sun dried, hand sorted, then air-roasted for a rich, smooth taste.

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