PETGUARD: Herbal Collar for Cats (Fits Neck Up To 13 Inches) 1 pc

Herbal Collar for Cats (Fits Neck Up To 13 Inches) - 1 pc

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  • Consists of a mixture of aromatic oils
  • Natural Pet Collar
  • Safe, Natural, Fresh Herbal Scent
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Herbal Collar for Cats (Fits Neck Up To 13 Inches) by PetGuard

The herbal collar is a scent collar that is natural. The collar consists of a mixture of aromatic oils. The attractive blue color of the collar will complement the beauty of your cat. You and your pet will appreciate the fresh herbal scent.


Securely buckle collar around animal's neck. To insure that the collar is not too tight, insert two or three fingers between collar and animal's neck while buckling. Generally, a properly fitted collar will slide over the animal's head. Any collar, when fastened too tightly, may cause irritation...Cut off excess length and discard in trash. Replace collar when herbal scent has diminished. Wetting the collar will impair its effectiveness. Remove collar prior to bathing and replace after pet is dry.


Oil of Pennyroyal, Oil of Eucalyptus, Oil of Cedarwood, Oil of Citronella, Oil of Rosemary.


To keep fresh scent, do not open until ready for use. When collar is first worn, observe neck areas for signs of irritation or adverse reactions. Some pets may become irritated by any collar. If irritation occurs, loosen collar; or, if irritation persists, remove collar. This collar is to be used externally only. Do not allow children to play with collar.

Method of disposal: Dispose of empty pouch and expired collar in trash. Do not reuse collar for any other purpose.

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