XLEAR: Xlear Sinus Care Refill Solution 20 ct

Xlear Sinus Care Refill Solution - 20 ct

by   XLEAR
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  • Alleviate Nasal Congestion Quickly
  • Consistent and Reliable Sinus Relief
  • Effective and Natural Ingredients you can trust
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Xlear Sinus Care Refill Solution by Xlear

XLEAR Neti Pot Packets with xylitol and saline provides uncompromising nasal congestion relief without the harmful drugs found in traditional sinus congestion and nasal congestion products. The XLEAR secret is the combination xylitol and saline solution which is all-natural and hyper-osmotic. What does this mean for your sinuses? This hyper-osmotic blend means you get the pollutant and germ-flushing power of a standard neti pot salt plus the moisture drawing action of the unique blend to keep your nasal passages moisturized and healthy.

The hyper-osmotic ingredient combo means you won’t be flushing away the moisture your sinuses desperately need to stay healthy, instead it will draw it into your nasal passageways. At the same time it will make them inhospitable to bacteria and other contaminants by keeping them from sticking to your nose. This makes XLEAR Neti Pot Refills the clear choice as a natural allergy treatment as it reduces the chances allergens and other irritants will settle down and make your sinuses home in the first place. Even with the many benefits of the XLEAR solution, it couldn’t be simpler to use. The easy-to-use single use packets can easily be used with any neti pot or sinus rinse bottle.

The simple three ingredient mix provides exceptional congestion relief and lets you know what you’re putting into your body. Xylitol is a 100% all natural sweetener, sourced from non-GMO corncobs and stalks for its moisturizing and anti-adhesive effect on bacteria. The saline is sourced from natural sodium deposits and is excellent at improving necessary nasal mucus flow. Finally, The sodium bicarbonate, best known as baking soda, is also drawn from a naturally occurring mineral deposit.

If you are a regular sinusitis sufferer, or driven away by the multitude of side effects drug-laden allergy relief sprays can inflict on your body, then ditch the artificial formulations today and start feeling better.

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