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Learn More About The Rhodiola Extract

Rhodiola extract is usually made from the Rhodiola Rosea which is a native plant from Siberia. Rhodiola can be used as the traditional herbal medicine that helps you to improve your health. There are several health benefits from consuming the Rhodiola extract. Here are some health benefits that you can achieve by consuming the Rhodiola extract routinely.

1. Anxiety

Many research show that the Rhodiola is effective to treat patients with anxiety disorders. Experts believe that this Rhodiola extract should be consumed daily in order to act effectively to reduce the anxiety problems.

2. Endurance

The extract is proven to be effective to improve the exercise endurance, especially in young adult. That is the reason why many athletes are consuming this extract nowadays. Experts recommend that rhodiola is effective to be used as a short term stimulant to the athletic endurance. It means that this extract should be consumed just an hour before doing exercise. However, this Rhodiola is not effective if it is used for long term purposes. There is no significant improvement on the exercise endurance in the long run.

3. Stress

Another study done at the Armenian State Medical University showed that the Rhodiola improved the stress reduction and helped patients with high stress level. Many experts believe that the extract is able to imporve the cognitive and perceptive cerebral functions. Rhodiola should be consumed daily for at least two weeks before you can see the improvement on your stress conditions.

4. Improved concentration

The Rhodiola is also effective to help patients with low concentration level. It is also related with the cerebral function. Patients treated with this extract are able to improve their mental function and their concentration.
Those are several benefits of consuming Rhodiola. The recommended dosage of the Rhodiola extract is around 50 to 150 mg daily. Make sure that you consult with your doctor first before consuming this extract.

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