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9 Months Stretch Mark Prevention Lotion from Reviva 9 Months
Stretch Mark Prevention Lotion - new body lotion for pregnant
women helps prevent stretch marks, maintains color & texture of
skin. In tests proven by Dr. S. Braun in Paris, France, the 9
Months formula proved almost 100% effective in preventing
stretch marks when started at the beginning of pregnancy and
continued daily until 6 weeks after birth. And...improved the
appearance of existing stretch marks in 26% of test cases.
During pregnancy, strengthening skin elasticity is the key to
prevention of stretch marks. The body contains an ingredient
appropriately named elastin..the major element in controlling
skin elasticity. but to support skin elasticity, the elastin
fibres also need the proper collagen. Elastin needs collagen's
water control to enable it to flex as elastic. However, not any
elastin or collagen will do. 9 months, contains the rare
powdered elastin concentrate with almost 100% amino acid content
plus, high potency collagen. Together, these substances, boosted
even more by soy protein and essential oils of orange and white
flower, work to prevent stretch marks and help lighten existing
marks. The same Paris researcher found satisfactory lightening
(not disappearance) in 26% of existing stretch mark cases.
Proven to avoid stretch marks in virtually 100% of women
studied, 9 Months Stretch Mark Prevention lotion provides skin
with the highest potency elastin concentrated to help reinforce
elasticity. 9 Months Stretch Mark Prevention Lotion's unique
combination of Collagen and and soy, helps improve skin tone and
resilience. Ingredients: collagen, soy.
Disclaimer: Statements contained herein have not been evaluated
by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not
intended to diagnose, treat and cure or prevent disease. Always
consult with your professional health care provider before
changing any medication.

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