DR SHEN'S: Women's Precious Menstration 200 tab

Women's Precious Menstration - 200 tab

by   DR SHEN'S
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  • Builds Blood
  • Supports Normal Fertility
  • Supports Normal Menstruation
  • Tonifies QI.

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Dr. Shen's Woman's Precious Pill 200 tabs
Dr. Shen's Woman's Precious Pill is used as a daily supplement to boost and maintain Blood and Qi. Though this pill is used by both men and women, it is most often used by women to supplement regular blood loss due to menstruation. Especially useful for women who eat little or no red meat.Though this formula is traditionally recommended throughout pregnancy and nursing as well as in many cases of infertility, pregnant women should always consult a health practitioner before taking any medicine or supplement.

Suggested Use
Four to Six tablets are recommended daily for health maintenance. Relieving symptoms can require nine to twelve or more tablets daily. Ideally, these are taken in three doses, preferably on an empty stomach. Compliance, however, may improve when taken twice-a-day, half in the morning and half in the evening. The course of use is a minimum of one month and a maximum of eleven months per year.

Other Ingredients
Dang Gui (AKA: Tang Kwei, Dong Guay, Angelica Sinensis Radix, Chinese Angelica Root) Strengthens Blood, invigorates Blood, harmonizes Blood, and regulates menses. Major known chemical constituents: butylidene phthalide, n-valerophenone-o-carboxylic acid, Vitamin B-12, carotene, beta-sitosterol. White Peony Root (Bai Shao , Peonia Lactiflora) Nourishes the Blood, pacifies the Liver, and retains the Yin. Major known chemical constituents: paeoniflorin, paeonol, paeonin, triterpenoids. Chinese Foxglove Root (Shu Di Huang , Rehmannia Glutinosa Radix) Tonifies the Blood, tonifies the Heart, Liver & Kidneys. Major known chemical constituents: B-sitosterol, mannitol, stigmasterol, camesterol, rehmannin. Szechuan Lovage Root (Chuan Xiong , Liguistici Wallichi) Invigorates the Blood, promotes the circulation of Qi(energy), and expels Wind. Major known chemical constituents: alkaloids, phenols, lactones, ferulic acid. Poor Man's Ginseng (Dang Shen, Codonopsis Radix) Benefits the Qi(energy), nourishes Fluids, strengthens the Lungs and digestive organs. Major known chemical constituents: Saponins, alkaloids, glucose, sucrose, inulin. Bai Zhu (Atractylodes Macrocephala rhizome) Benefits the Qi(energy), tonifies the Spleen, and dries Dampness. Major known chemical constituents: atractylol, atractylon, Vitamin A. Fu Ling (China-root, Poria Cocos, Sclerotium of Tuckahoe, Hoelen Fungus) Leeches out Dampness, strengthens digestion, harmonizes the Middle Burner, calms the Spirit, and improves the performance of other tonifying herbs Major known chemical constituents: B-pachyman, tumulosic acid, 3B-hydtoxylanosta-7, chitin, protein, lecithin. Chinese Licorice root baked with honey (Zhi Gan Cao, Glycyrrhiza Uranelsis radix) Tonifies the Spleen, benefits the Qi, detoxifies Fire Poisons, moderates and armonizes other herbs, and improves the performance of other tonifying herbs. Major known chemical constituents: glycyrrhizic acid, uralenic acid, loquiitigenin.

Like most Chinese herbal tonics (strengtheners), discontinue during cold and flu.

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