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Body Essential Silica is your key to stronger nails, shinier
hair and healthier looking skin. It also gives strength and
support to connective tissue, tendons and ligaments. Silica,
or silicon dioxide (SiO2), is a natural compound so essential to
all living things that it has been labeled nature's building
block. Next to oxygen, silicon is one of the most widely
occurring elements on Earth. The compound of silicon and oxygen
is called Silica. The "hydrated" form, as found in Body
Essential Silica Gel, means that Silica and purified water form
a complex to be more easily absorbed by the body. Silicon
works with calcium in bone formation and bone remineralization.
Body Essentials silica Capsules give you all the benefits of
quartz silica plus the added benefits of calcium. Regular
exercise and a healthy diet with adequate calcium intake
throughout life is linked to a reduced rate of osteoporosis by
optimizing peak bone mass in women during the bone forming
years, in menopausal women and in people with a family history
of osteoporosis. A recent clinical study showed that the
condition of fingernails and hair was dramatically improved
among those who took body essentials silical gel .*

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