CHINESE IMPORTS: Renshenfengwangjiang Twist Off 30x10cc

Renshenfengwangjiang Twist Off - 30x10cc

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UPC: 02701830201
# SU0020

Renshenfengwangjiang combines ginseng and royal jelly in a honey
base which is a stamina and energy enhancing formula for “yin”
conditions that enhances immune function, stimulates the central
nervous system, balances blood sugar levels, helps the body
adapt to stress, improves physical and mental abilities. Ginseng
(renshen) is the nutritious energizer that active people add to
their diet as part of a healthy, dynamic lifestyle. In the
Oriental tradition people have used ginseng as an herbal
beverage, or have added it to teas and soups. Ginseng is one of
the most widely used herbs in the world. Royal Jelly
(fengwangjiang), the essential food of the Queen Honey Bee, is
combined with Ginseng to produce the world famous
Renshenfengwangjiang brand from Harbin, China. This
special blend of Ginseng and Royal Jelly is considered one of
the best in the world. The world famous Renshenfengwangjiang
from Harbin, China. The energy drink...dynamite taste! 10 ready
to drink bottles.

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