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Immune Formula™ Combines the powerful immune supporting
benefits of New Life Colostrum™ with BIO-lipid™, olive leaf
extract, Larch arabinoglactin, lactoferrin, and Beta 1,3 Glucan.
This formula helps support the immune system. Helps provide
the body with antibodies for several pathogens, including
viruses, yeasts, and bacteria Helps inhibit binding of
pathogens to stomach and intestinal lining Helps enhance the
growth of beneficial gut microflora while stimulating natural
killer cell cytotoxicity Stimulates a non-specific immune
response, creating a powerful defense against viral, bacterial,
fungal and parasitic invaders Deprives pathogens of the iron
they need to survive Ingredients: 67% pure bovine
colostrum (300 mg) 11% Arabinogalactan (50 mg) 11% Olive
Leaf Extract (50 mg) 5.5% Lactoferrin (25 mg) 5.5% Beta
1,3 Glucan (25 mg)

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