UPC: 041507066021
# TA0008

Thayers Tangerine Slippery Elm Lozenges with Rose Hips and
Vitamin C 24 count cartons - 12 boxes • In a subtle natural
tangerine base with 20 mg of Rosehips in each lozenge • has
the highest Vitamin C content of any herb • Sodium-free •
Gluten-free Soothes, heals, and coats to protect the tissues of
the throat and mouth. Ingredients: Slippery Elm Bark, (150 mg),
Rose Hips (20 mg), Vitamin C (15 mg) Ascorbic Acid, natural
tangerine flavor in a soothing base of a natural plant derived
sweetener derived from corn, with vegetable stearate as a
binder. Sodium-Free, Preservative Free, Wheat-Free,
Menthol-Free, Gluten-Free. Not tested on animals.

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