TWINLAB: Super C Powder 2000mg 8 oz

Super C Powder 2000mg - 8 oz

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UPC: 027434007283
# TW0457

Instant Vitamin C Concentrate. This product dissolves
instantly...naturally...without the use of artificial
instantizers which are detrimental because of the high heat and
materials used in their production. Each serving of One
Teaspoonful provides: Ingredient Amount US RDA Vitamin C
(Ascorbic Acid) 2000mg Rose Hips 1450mg Acerola
1000mg Lemon Bioflavonoids 500mg Rutin 25mg Hesperidin
25mg Directions: As a dietary supplement, add one teaspoonful
of Twinlab Super c to 6 oz. of water, juice or your favorite
beverage. Stir until dissolved. Add honey or sweetener, if

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