TWINLAB: Liquid Yeast B Complex 16 fl oz

Liquid Yeast B Complex - 16 fl oz

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Twinlab Brewer's Yeast, Nutritional Yeast, Super Rich Yeast
Plus, and B-Complex Liquid Enzymatic Digested Yeast powders and
liquids supply a natural source of amino acids, B-Complex
vitamins, and minerals. The Brewer's Yeast is natural, organic,
grain grown and unfortified. The Primary Grown Nutritional Yeast
Formula is the best tasting yeast available. Super Rich Yeast
Plus contains potent vitamins and minerals, digestive enzymes
and added calcium and magnesium with high levels of selenium and
GTF Chromium. B-Complex Liquid Enzymatic Digested Yeast is a
rich supply of B-Vitamins and natural enzymatic digested
brewer's and primary yeast in liquid form for more effecient
digestion, absorption, assimilation and utilization. Front
YEAST Derived from the Natural Enzymatic Digest of Brewers and
Primary Yeasts DIETARY SUPPLEMENT A rich supply of B-complex
vitamins and natural enzymatic digested yeast in liquid form
for better digestion, absorption, assimilation and
utiliz- ation. 16 FL.OZ. (480 ML)
Instructions: Directions: As a dietary supplement, take two
tablespoons daily. May be mixed with your favorite juice.
SHAKE WELL BEFORE USING. Ingredients: Serving Size 2
Tablespoonfuls (18.5 ml) Servings Per Container 25 Amount Per
2 Tablespoonfuls % Daily
Value Calories 70 Total Carbohydrate
6 g 2% ** Protein
11 g 22% ** Thiamin
1.5 mg 100% Vitamin B2
1.7 mg 100% Niacin
20 mg 100% Vitamin B6
2 mg 100% Folic Acid
400 mcg 100% Vitamin B-12
6 mcg 100% Biotin
300 mcg 100% Pantothenic Acid
10 mg 100% Enzymatic Digested Yeast
15,000 mg + Choline
3 mg + Inositol
2 mg + *L-Leucine
730 mg + *L-Isoleucine
580 mg + *L- Valine
660 mg + *L-Lysine
845 mg + *L-Threonine
437 mg + *L-Methionine
250 mg + *L-Phenylalanine
465 mg + *L-Tryptophan***
135 mg + L-Arginine
510 mg + L-Cystine
125 mg + L-Alanine
705 mg + L-Asparatic Acid
1030 mg + L-Glutamic Acid
1310 mg + Glycine
495 mg + L-Histidine
250 mg + L-Proline
435 mg + L-Serine
440 mg + L-Tyrosine
475 mg + **Percent Daily Value is based
on a 2,000 calorie diet +Daily Value not
established INGREDIENTS: Filtered Water, Enzymatic Digested Low
Sodium Yeast, Malt Extract, Molasses, Brewer's Yeast, Citric
Acid, Cherry Flavor, Methylpara- ben, Sodium Benzoate, Caramel,
Niacinamide, Dexpanthenol, Propylparaben, Sorbic Acid, Vitamin
B6, Thiamin Hydrochloride, RIBOFLAVIN 5'-Phosphate Sodium,
Folic Acid, Biotin, Vitamin B12. ***The L-Tryptophan in the
product is naturally present in the protein. It is not added or
manufactured. The amino acids quantities may vary from lot to
lot due to the source of the amino acids being
natural. *Essential Amino Acids. The yeast in this product is
100% natural. Therefore, color of product may vary.
Supplemental Facts: Description: Natural Enzymatic Digested
Yeast is a highly concentrated protein source produced from the
action of natural enzymes on pure living yeast cells. It
contains all the essential amino acids as well as min- erals
abd B-complex vitamins. Since the yeast is enzmatically
digested, the nutrients are more readily available to the body
than nutrients from other yeasts. Due to yeast's naturally
high phosphorus content, crude mineral rich blackstrap molasses
is added to enhance the naturally occur- ing calcium and
magnesium, as well as the minerals potassium and iron. Best if
used by date shown on bottle.

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