TWINLAB: Cod Liver Oil Mint 12 fl oz

Cod Liver Oil Mint - 12 fl oz

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Emulsified Cod Liver Oil 12 oz The first natural,
emulsified, water-dispersed cod liver oil ever produced. This
product was developed for people who have difficulty digesting
oil and for those who could never tolerate the taste of cod
liver oil. This is the most easily digested and finest tasting
cod liver oil available. A pure, special blend of natural
lecithin and apple pectin is used to help mechanically (not
chemically) reduce and disperse (emulsify) the natural oil
globules of the cod liver oil into millions of tiny droplets,
making the vitamins A & D, polyunsaturated fatty acids and
naturally occurring nutrients in the cod liver oil more readily
available to the digestive system. Available in mint and
orange flavors. One tablespoonful supplies: Emulsified
Vitamin A 4556 IU Emulsified Vitamin D 430 IU Emulsified EPA
516 mg Emulsified DHA 314 mg Fortified with a synergistic
antioxidant mixture and sealed free of air (nitrogen flushed) to
prevent oxidation and rancidity. Liquid: 12 oz.

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