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Tri-Boron 3mg - 100 caps

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Tri-Boron Plus Caps Synergistically combines the trace
mineral boron with calcium, magnesium and vitamin D plus trace
minerals zinc, manganese and copper, which are integral
co-factors for several enzymes involved in bone metabolism.
Betaine HCI is added to enhance calcium and magnesium
absorption. Four hard gelatin capsules supply: Boron (from
boron citrate, boron aspartate & boron glycinate) 3
mg Calcium (from calcium citrate & calcium carbonate) 1000
mg Magnesium (from magnesium aspartate & magnesium oxide) 500
mg Vitamin D-3 400 IU Zinc (from zinc picolinate &
histidine complex) 15 mg Manganese (from manganese gluconate)
5 mg Copper (from copper gluconate) 500 mcg Betaine HCI
(betaine hydrochloride) 324 mg Capsules: 120's; 240's.

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