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Ultra CoQ10 Caps 100 mg CoQ10 is a "co-enzyme" produced by
the body and found in the cells of all breathing, living things.
It is an essential nutrient that helps support cardiovascular
function. It does this by supplying the biochemical 'spark' that
creates cellular energy.** As you age, levels of CoQ10
diminish and your body's ability to synthesize CoQ10 is greatly
decreased. In addition, it's extremely difficult to get enough
CoQ10 from the American diet. That's why supplementing your diet
with CoQ10 is a wise choice. Twinlab Ultra CoQ10 available
in 100 mg capsules: 30-count and 60-count. Twinlab also
markets Twinsorb CoQ10, available in 50 mg strength softgels.
Twinsorb CoQ10 has been clinically proven to be up to 9 times
more absorbable than 50 mg. powder capsules, and therefore a
great value. Twinlab Super CoQ10 50 mg capsules in 30-count
and 60-count sizes. Twinlab CoQ10 Caps 10 mg. capsules in
50-count and 100-count sizes.

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