TWINLAB: Vege Fuel 1.18 lb

Vege Fuel - 1.18 lb

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UPC: 027434004923
# TW0953

Fat Free & Cholesterol Free! High Quality & Complete Protein
Source All Vegetable Lactose Free and Approved For People on
Milk-Free Diets (Lactose Intolerant) Sugar Free and Contains No
Artificial Sweetners Unflavored 100% Pure Vege Fuel is more
than just an ingredient for a high protein shake; it can be used
in cooking, much like flour, producing high protein foods that
are extremely low in fat. A bodybuilder's dream come true! Vege
Fuel can be used as a meat substitute. Or picture something like
this: your basic blueberry muffin, containing about 260
calories, 40 grams of carbohydrates, less than 1 gram of fat and
35 grams of high-qualigy complete protein.

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