TWINLAB: TwinSorb CoQ10 50mg 60 softgels

TwinSorb CoQ10 50mg - 60 softgels

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Twinsorb CoQ10 Softgel 50mg What is CoQ10? CoQ10 is a
"co-enzyme" produced by the body and found in the cells of all
breathing, living things. It is an essential nutrient that helps
support cardiovascular function. It does this by supplying the
biochemical 'spark' that creates cellular energy.** Your
Supply of CoQ10 Diminishes as You Age. As you age, your body's
ability to synthesize CoQ10 is greatly decreased. In addition,
it's extremely difficult to get enough CoQ10 from the American
diet. That's why supplementing your diet with CoQ10 is a wise
choice. Patented Formula Clinically Proven to be More
Absorbable! TWINLAB Twinsorb CoQ10 softgels’ special solubilized
form is more absorbable than many other available CoQ10
supplements including powder filled capsules, tablets, and oil
based softgels, as shown by serum concentration levels in a
published human clinical trial. 1 This means that your body gets
more usable CoQ10 in one Twinsorb softgel than it would in any
other form of CoQ10 in the same strength (50 mg). 1 -
International Journal for Vitamin and Nutrition Research (1998)
Vol. 68: 109-113

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