TWINLAB: Ripped Fuel Xtendr 90 tab

Ripped Fuel Xtendr - 90 tab

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UPC: 027434031738
# TW1307

Extend the burn. There’s more to staying lean, defined and
RIPPED than you might think. Biology can play a significant
role. In fact, after initial weight loss your body can actually
work against you, slowing metabolism and making it harder to
keep weight off. Also, your body can adapt to many thermogenic
weight loss products, reducing the thermogenic effect over time.
Clinically shown to maintain full thermogenic effect for at
least 8 weeks after initial weight loss, Ripped Fuel Xtendr is a
unique patent pending formula to counteract your body’s natural
tendency to keep unhealthy fat.* Stay RIPPED with Ripped fuel
Xtendr.* · Amplifies calorie burn* · Extends thermogenisis* ·
Improves the ratio of lean muscle mass* · Increases energy to
FUEL your day* Clinically tested, patent pending combination
of ingredients

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