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Many top researchers believe that intense exercise causes a
severe rise in cortisol levels. This increase in cortisol, a
powerful catabolic hormone, can impede muscle growth. Elevated
cortisol breaks down muscle and blocks protein synthesis while
slowing glucose utilization. Cort-Bloc suppresses cortisol
production and prevents muscle- tissue cannibalization.
Cort-Bloc is the first supplement medically proven to suppress
workout- related cortisol. Lowered cortisol levels enable
greater amino acid uptake for enhanced nitrogen retention,
accelerated glucose utilization/glycogen synthesis, and
increased protein synthesis. In recent clinical studies when
phosphatidylserine (herein referred to as PS), the primary
active ingredient found in Cort-Bloc, was administered to
strength athletes, cortisol levels were reduced by almost 30%!
This can result in more productive workouts and growth. In
one study PS promoted a marked reversal of many symptoms
associated with depression. PS also stimulated dramatic
improvements in memory and retention of information. PS is a
natural substance found in cell membranes in the brain,
specifically in the cerebral cortex neuronal membrane. It can
act as an antioxidant and in doing so may enhance longevity.
Cort Bloc Benefits: Highly effective cortisol antagonist
Enhances nitrogen retention Greater amino acid uptake Helps
maximize muscle growth Reduces stress reactions Greater rate
of recovery Boosts immunity Enhances longevity Can reverse
the symptoms of depression Can boost protein synthesis by
blocking stress hormones Serving Size: 2 capsules Servings Per
Container: - 30. %* Daily Value Phosphatidylserine - 200mg *
Glutamine Peptide - 800mg * Other Ingredients: gelatin,
magnesium stearate. * Daily Value not established.
Directions: Take 2 to 4 capsules on workout days. And during
intense dieting 1 capsule on non-workout days before bedtime.
Ingredients: Medical-grade phosphatidylserine extract with
glutamine peptide.

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