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NUTRITIONAL FORMULA People are not getting proper nutrition
from their diets! This is especially the case with the aging
population as well as children who are alarmingly hooked on the
so-called junk food. It may be the result of our hectic
lifestyle, and the claims that our professional, family and
social life lay on us. Recognizing this disturbing trend,
Ultimate Nutrition has designed a full-spectrum product that
provides all the essential to promote good health. This unique
formulation is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and trace
minerals, which are required for optimal body function.
Antioxidants: It is no exaggeration to say that we are
increasingly inundated with free radicals. Free radicals are the
most pernicious entities produced in the body in the wake of
normal metabolism. Even though the body is equipped to handle a
certain load of free radicals, it is when more free radicals are
produced than the body can handle that nutritional antioxidants
become extremely important. Free radicals are implicated in
numerous diseases. What is more, the aging process itself is
driven by excess free radicals. Therefore, to hold these
injurious molecules in check, it is extremely important not only
to enjoy good health, but also to hold the aging process at bay.
Super Complete contains a wide range of antioxidants that
effectively scavenge for free radicals, and nip them in the bud.
Super Complete contains all the requisite antioxidants that
function in various tissues to optimize health, including
beta-carotenes, lutein, zeaxanthine, rutin, hesperidin, and
several other bioflavonoids that work together with both fat and
water-soluble vitamins. Vitamins: Vitamin deficiency is almost
always associated with many illnesses. For example, a decrease
in the B vitamins has been linked to stress and the lack of a
sense of general wellbeing. With our hectic lifestyles, we are
not getting the sufficient amounts of vitamins from the diet.
Anticipating this need, Super Complete contains the most
important B vitamins in addition to vitamins C, D and E. Of
course, vitamins C and E are also potent antioxidants and work
in concert with each other to neutralize free radicals that can
pose a hazard to normal health. Minerals: As important as
antioxidents are, the body also needs trace minerals for normal
physiological function. The case of selenium illustrates the
need for dietary supplementation with trace minerals. Most
populations worldwide receive a sufficient supply of selenium
from their diets. In the United States, however, the amount of
selenium in the diet is woefully low, which may be due to
topsoil erosion. Selenium is an important trace mineral that
functions both as an antioxidant and a preventive agent in the
abnormal growth in the body. Super Complete contains trace
minerals and more abundant minerals to stimulate the body's own
defense responses. In addition, minerals such as calcium and
magnesium are required for absorption of amino acids and other
nutrients in the body to maintain optimal metabolic function.
Amino Acids: To ensure that the metabolism remains active, Super
Complete incorporates amino acids, such as glutamic acid and
PABA, (para-amino benzoic acid), and precursors of amino acids,
such as betaine hydrochloride. Glutamic acid has been shown to
be a valuable dietary supplement in boosting the immune system.
Furthermore, if ingested on an empty stomach and combined with a
reasonable exercise routine, it induces the secretion of growth
hormone that, over time, may reduce body fat and increase lean
body mass. Betaine hydrochloride, on the other hand, serves
as a precursor to derivatives of the amino acid methionine,
which are involved in the synthesis of vitamins B in the body,
including the brain. Additionally, methionine precursors help
reduce the amounts of homocysteine that contributes to coronary
heart disease. Betaine hydrochloride allows the body to
synthesize all the beneficial compounds that it needs in the
right amount at the right time. Ultimate Nutrition's Super
Complete packs the punch. It delivers antioxidants, vitamins,
minerals and amino acids that work together to stimulate the
myriad reactions in the body to promote good health for
enjoyment of life to the fullest.

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