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BCAA Stack There are five compelling reasons why every
athlete–from the bodybuilder to the endurance athlete–should
supplement with BCAA Stack: (1) BCAA Stack offers a new and
unique method of delivering important branched-chain amino acids
and glutamine to your muscles; (2) these aminos are among the
most thoroughly researched among all anabolic/anti-catabolic
amino supplements; (3) BCAA Stack contains the “perfect,”
scientifically-proven ratios of BCAAs and glutamine; (4) BCAAs
and glutamine are the most important amino acids for the athlete
who trains with intensity and the dieting athlete; and (5) no
BCAA supplement works faster than BCAA Stack. While not as
flashy or hyped as creatine, prohormones, or methoxy, BCAAs and
glutamine may be more important than all the other supplements,
especially if you are: (1) dieting or (2) training with high
intensity with fewer rest days between each workout. When
dieting or training hard, your body’s pool of these aminos
drops–a condition that can negatively affect muscular
development. BCAA Stack can replenish these pools. Clinical
studies have shown that BCAAs and glutamine can provide a number
of important benefits for athletes who are dieting or training
hard. Branched-chain aminos and glutamine can, in specific
ratios, (1) stimulate protein synthesis in skeletal muscle for
enhanced lean mass accumulation; (2) boost your body’s immune
system during chronic exercise; (3) spare liver and muscle
glycogen stores for improved performance and endurance; (5)
exert anti-catabolic effects (reduce muscle breakdown); (4)
coupled with caloric restriction, BCAAs and glutamine can help
your body selectively tap into fat stores while preserving lean
mass; and (5) even serve as a fuel source during prolonged
exercise when glycogen stores have been depleted (a fact that
makes these aminos unique). This alone makes BCAA Stack
invaluable for the athlete in a carb-depleted state (e.g.,
bodybuilder preparing for a contest, low carbers, endurance
athletes). While studies are numerous, one fact remains
constant: not just any ratio of BCAAs and glutamine will do.
Landmark studies indicate that a 2:1:1 ratio of leucine to
isoleucine to valine is most effective. Combined with the exact
amount of glutamine, BCAA Stack is the “perfect” free form amino
acid supplement in the world. So whether you’re a cyclist or a
bodybuilder looking to preserve lean mass during a competitive
season, you can’t afford to ignore BCAA Stack.

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