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Cardio sucks. There’s no beauty or grace in it. You’re not
moving huge weight. It’s just painful. But you do it because you
have to–a necessary evil. Whether you’re preparing for a show or
just trying to get in top condition, you need the raw power of
Animal Cuts. Make no mistake about it, Animal Cuts is unlike
anything out there. It’s an uncompromising “cutting” supplement
that has been designed to produce professional results for
bodybuilding competitions. Unlike most conventional “fat
burners” out there, Animal Cuts is more than just a thermogenic.
It is a comprehensive and complete formula. Take a look at the
leading fat burner. It might contain ephedrine, caffeine,
possibly an aspirin-derivative, and a few other ingredients
sprinkled in. Make no mistake about it–this is a thermogenic
product and only a thermogenic product. These basic ingredients
make up the classic E/C/A stack that most people find effective
(up to 95% of all fat burners are based on this model). But the
fact is, the E/C/A stack may not work well for everyone. Maybe
you’ve been on the E/C/A stack for a while now. Maybe you drink
a lot of coffee in the morning and soda throughout the day. The
human body can easily become desensitized to the ingredients in
this stack after prolonged use, thus reducing its effectiveness.
For some athletes, the problem may even transcend thermogenesis.
Your problem, for instance, might be releasing stored bodyfat.
Or maybe you have a sluggish thyroid (thyroid hormones directly
control your body’s metabolism). You might be insulin-resistant,
a condition which makes it extremely difficult to shed bodyfat.
Impaired neurotransmitter function can also make life difficult,
encouraging bingeing. Perhaps your problem is not fat at all,
but subcutaneous water weight. After all, you can come in with
low bodyfat levels, but if you’re holding subcutaneous water,
you’re cooked. The point is, athletes need to overcome many
obstacles in order to achieve maximum cuts and separations. So
if you’ve had little success with conventional “fat burners” in
the past, or if results have stopped coming, then don’t be
frustrated. It might be that you simply chose the wrong fat
burner. Only Animal Cuts is guaranteed to address all of your
weight-loss and definition needs. Animal Cuts is comprehensive;
each convenient pak delivers over 28 active ingredients. Every
day, for 21 consecutive days, you’ll get nearly 7400 milligrams
of pure fat shredding power. If you’re competing tomorrow, then
you need Animal Cuts today.

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