LABRADA BODYBUILDING NUTRITION: Lean Body Chocolate 42 Servings Box

Lean Body Chocolate - 42 Servings Box

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Labrada LEAN BODY Meal Replacement 42 Pack Original Labrada
Lean Body Meal Replacement Shakes provide maximum support for
muscle growth gains while minimizing fat storage in
hard-training athletes. Each serving contains 45 grams of
LeanPro, our exclusive blend of the highest quality proteins. It
also provides, 24 essential vitamins and minerals and only 1
gram of fat, without all the garbage included in other meal
replacements. What's in a Protein Blend? Milk Protein
Isolate (MPI) is made up of both whey protein and casein. It
offers the best of both worlds and is actually a purer protein
than whey protein isolate or ion exchanged whey protein in that
it contains less lactose and ash. Lactose is the milk sugar that
can cause intestinal distress in people lacking the enzyme
lactase, which is necessary for its digestion. Casein, the
other milk protein, has been demonized by the sports supplement
industry and is often thought to be inferior to whey protein
since it has a much lower biological value (BV) than whey.
Casein has a BV of 77, while whey protein concentrate scores in
at about BV 104, with whey isolates scoring as high as BV 159.
As far as bioavailability, there is no contestãwhey is king.
However, many people don't know that casein has many unique
functional properties and strengths that whey cannot match.
Additionally, casein is extremely high in the amino acid
glutamine; in fact, casein is composed of 21% glutamine
peptidesãmaking it a better source of glutamine than egg or even
whey protein. Glutamine accounts for approx-imately 60% of all
free amino acids in the body. Muscle cells are especially high
in glutamine. Recent studies show that glutamine supplementation
prevents muscle breakdown. Research also shows that
ingesting casein results in higher balances of the amino acid
leucine seven hours after ingestion than whey protein alone.
Leucine is essential for growth because it stimulates protein
synthesis in muscle. Leucine also stabilizes blood sugar and can
be metabolized to produce energy. Enter in Labrada Lean Body
MRP! In my personal experience, nothing beats a good meal
replacement powder (MRP) for sustained nutritional support for
muscle. Just as an aside, at least two major supplement
companies have truly missed the boat by developing MRPs
containing whey protein as their only protein source. In the
typical me-too fashion of the sports supplement industry, these
companies blindly jumped on the whey protein bandwagon without a
thought to the application for which people want an MRP in the
first place: a high-protein meal that provides sustained
nutritional support. In 1996, the Labrada Research Group and I
developed Lean Body Hi-Protein MRP packets to provide you, the
athlete, with sustained, daily nutritional support. Lean BodyÆ
is not for everyone. It is not the most inexpensive MRP on the
market, but it provides the best value. Here's why Lean
Body was field-tested before it was ever intro-duced into the
market-place. Being a pro-fessional bodybuilder myself, it was
important to me that Lean BodyÆ worked. So, I sponsored an
eight-week, doctor-supervised study to prove it. In this study,
participants using two packets of Lean BodyÆ per day in
conjunction with their exercise regimen gained, on average, 6.5
lbs of lean body mass, and lost 14.4 lbs of body fat.5 Lean Body
is a nutritional powerhouse containing 45 grams of fresh,
high-quality Lean Pro protein blend which includes milk protein
isolate, casein, and whey protein concentrates and isolates,
providing an advanced, time-released protein matrix. You get
both quickly absorbed, and slowly absorbed proteins!
Additionally, Lean BodyÆ provides complex carbs, vitamins, and
minerals. Lean Body is low in sugar, low in fat, and contains NO
added salt, mono- and di-glycerides, or corn syrup solids, which
are common ingredients found in other popular MRPs and used in
coffee creamer. Surpised? I made sure that Lean Body's
formula is simply incredible, but I didn't stop there. After
years of suffering through a bodybuilding diet of dry chicken
breasts and baked potatoes, I wanted Lean BodyÆ to be the best
tasting MRP ever made. Meal replacement drinks are your best
friends when you must feed your body 5 to 6 times a day. A great
tasting meal replacement breaks up the monotony of your diet. So
when it came to delicious taste, Lean BodyÆ had to be the
hands-down winner. Labrada Lean Body was taste-tested under
the independent supervision of a professor of Food Science at
Texas A&M University. 611 college-aged student users of the
athletic recreation center in College Station, Texas, took part
in a blind taste test which compared the Vanilla flavors of Lean
BodyÆ with the leading brand of MRPs. Of those who showed a
clear preference for either product, 80% preferred Lean BodyÆ
over the leading brand!

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