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Description Here's the energy you need for the long haul.
Great-tasting, nutritious Clif Bar has been shown to help
sustain energy levels without a sugar crash. The all-natural
protein and carbohydrates, with our proprietary fiber blend,
provide you with steady, long-lasting energy for all your
adventures *Soy protein *23 vitamins and Minerals
Supplement Facts Serving Size: 1.00 Bars Servings per
container: Amount Per Serving % Daily Value Total
Fat 2.50 g 3% Total Carbohydrates 43.00 g 14% Sat. Fat
0.00 mg 0% Dietary Fiber 5.00 g 21% Cholesterol 0.00
mg 0% Sugars 21.00 g * Sodium 90.00 mg 4% Other
Carb. 16.00 g * Potassium 280.00 mg 8% Protein 8.00 g
* *Daily value not established. Other
ingredients: Brown rice syrup, rolled oats, evaporated cane
juice, ClifProT (soy nuggets, [soy protein isolate, rice flour,
oat flour], soy flour, roasted soybeans), dried apricots,
(sulfured), ClifCrunchT (apple fiber, oat fiber, milled
flaxseed, soy fiber, chicory extract, lemon fiber, psyllium),
dried apples, prunes, crisp rice (brown rice, malt extract),
natural flavor, citric acid, sea salt, baking soda, decaffinated
green tea extract. Vitamins and Minerals:Dicalcium
phosphate, ascorbic acid (Vit. C), alpha-tocopherol acetate
(Vit. E), magnesium, niacin, ferrous fumarate (iron), zinc
picolinate, pantothenic acid, beta carotene (Vit.A), pyridoxine
(B6), copper, manganese, riboflavin (B2), thiamin, folic acid,
biotin, potassium iodide, chromium, phytonadione (Vit.K),
monlybdenum, selenium, cyanocobalamin (B12), May contain traces
of peanuts or other nuts. Disclaimer These
statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products
are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any

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