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Dynamic Duo Absolute Nutrition Dynamic Duo This Dynamic Duo
contains one bottle of CBlock and one bottle of FBlock. The
perfect weight loss combination! C Block Absolute Nutrition
C Block 90caps Are you on a low-carb diet? Then you know how
challenging it can be to resist those carbohydrate rich foods.
Often times, once we stop eating carbohydrates, we crave them
even more. Carbohydrate-rich foods are everywhere, and resisting
them can be very difficult. But before you give up completely,
try C Block. It is a dietary supplement that can help support
your weight-loss goals when combined with a balanced diet and
regular exercise program. Absolute Nutrition C Block Is
Great for Low Carb Diets C Block is ephedra free, and so easy
to use. Simply take it before each starchy meal. Help make your
new low-carb lifestyle work for you! Stick to your low-carb diet
with Absolute Nutrition C Block. *These statements have not
been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Products are
not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any
disease. What's In It? 1 Bottle Contains 90 tablets Serving
Size: 2 tablets Serving per container: 45 Chromium (as
chromium dinicotinate glycinate): 200mcg Vanadium (as BMOV):
100mg Trim Plex (as White Kidney bean extract) (Phaseolus
Vulgaris): 700mg Ingredients: dicalcium phosphate, cellulose,
cellulose gum, vegetable stearic acid, silica, vegetable
magnesium stearate and vegetable resin glaze. No Wheat,
Yeast, Egg, Soy, Starch, Gluten, Lactose, Sugar, or Artificial
Color. Suggested use: For dietary support take 2 tablets 15
minutes before each meal with a full glass of water (8 oz.)
Before beginning any program of weight loss, consult your health
care practitioner. F Block FBlock Xtra 90 capsules from
Absolute Nutrition. Are you trying to lose weight? Then
you know how hard it can be, especially when many of our
favorite foods are loaded with fats. Ice cream, cheese, steak,
and chocolate all contain fat which help to give these foods
they're great taste, texture and calories! The problem is,
fat is twice as calorie-dense (1 gram = 9 calories) as
carbohydrates or protein (1 gram = 4 calories). One way to help
you lose weight is to keep an eye out for fats in the food you
eat, and reduce your total fat consumption. FBlock Xtra is a
dietary supplement that contains Chitosan, and can be used to
support your weight-loss program that includes a reduced calorie
diet and regular exercise. Weight Loss Tips Reducing
total fat consumption to 15-30 % of total daily calorie intake.
Drinking 8 glasses of water every day which can help suppress
your appetite Restricting or eliminating total saturated fat
consumption What's in it? Serving Size (caps) 2 Servings Per
45 1 Bottle contains 90 caps Vitamin C (mg) 100 Chitosan (mg)
1000 Lipase 300LU Calcium Sulfate (mg) 150 Vegetable
cellulose 100mg Ingredients: Gelatin, Vegetable, Mangesium
Stearate, and Silica. Suggested use: As part of a diet and
exercise program: to achieve results, take 2 capsules 1/2 hour
prior to meals with a full 8 oz glass of
water. Warnings: This product is derived from shellfish. If
you are allergic or sensitive to shellfish, you should avoid use
of this product. Any fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K),
medications, or fatty acids, should be taken at least 4 hours
before or after ingestion of this product and should not be used
by women that are pregnant or nursing.

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