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TABS The King of Testosterone Boosters! NEW 74 TABS Size
Tribex contains, without a doubt, the highest quality, most
potent, legal, Testosterone boosting compounds available,
period! The goal is to stimulate the body to increase its own
Testosterone levels all the way up to what's considered high
normal (+1000 ng/dl). And not only that, but do it in a way
that's not inhibitory, like steroids are. The secret to the
success of Tribex-500 is found in its super potent,
one-of-a-kind extract of genuine, Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris
and real Avena sativa. How much muscle can I expect to gain?
Individuals vary enormously, and muscle gains have as much to do
with proper training, overall nutrition, rest, and genetic
capabilities as they do with testosterone levels. However,
almost everyone should experience additional muscle mass when
their testosterone levels are elevated. The average user of
Biotest Tribex-500 can expect to put on between five and ten
pounds of muscle within the first month or two, but much greater
gains may be experienced by some. Will it help me burn fat?
One of the many effects of an elevated testosterone level is
increased lipolysis. High testosterone levels not only
accelerate muscle buildup and shorten recovery times, but they
also increase the overall metabolic rate, thereby burning high
amounts of body fat. Will it improve my sex life? In most
cases, you bet. Many users report an increase in their sex drive
as well as better sexual performance. Does Biotest
Tribex-500 have any negative side effects? None have been
noted, unless you consider an increased, raging sex drive a
negative side effect. Will taking BIOTEST TRIBEX make me
fail any drug tests? None of the components of Tribex-500 are
on any list of banned substances. It is possible, however, that
a blood test might indicate that you have higher-than-normal
testosterone levels. Have any studies been done on BIOTEST
TRIBEX-500? Yes! So far, there have been two university
studies conducted on Tribex-500. You can read about both studies
in an article written by John Berardi, called Putting Tribex-500
to the Test Part 1 and Part 2. Additionally, Biotest has several
more university studies planned in the future. Keep checking for
future updates. Is there any reason to cycle BIOTEST TRIBEX
Tribex-500? Yes, Biotest believes that there are two effective
ways to cycle Tribex-500. We recommend either a 4 weeks on, 2
weeks off protocol, or you can opt for a 5 days on, 2 days off
schedule. Both methods have been shown to produce excellent
results. You may want to experiment between the two to see if
one way works better for your particular physiology. What
happens if I take more than the recommended dosage? You'll be
wasting your money. Biotest firmly believes that 4 capsules
taken twice a day (a total of 8 capsules) is the ideal, most
effective dosing for all individuals, regardless of age,
bodyweight, or level of athletic performance. BIOTEST TRIBEX
74 TABS Best ways to use BIOTEST TRIBEX 74 TABS : As a
dietary supplement, take two to four capsules in the morning and
two to four capsules six to eight hours later, each time on an
empty stomach with 8oz of water. Do not exceed eight capsules in
any 24-hour period and do not exceed cycling guidelines.
Additional Information on BIOTEST TRIBEX 74 TABS : Important
Cycling Information: Use in cycles that include five days on and
two days off per week. CYCLING EXAMPLE A: Take four days on and
one day off, followed by three days on and one day off, repeat
(4/1, 3/1; 4/1, 3/1...). CYCLING EXAMPLE B: Take five days on
followed by two days off, reate (5/2; 5/2...). ALLOW UP TO FOUR

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