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The Calcium and Magnesium Relationship Calcium is an
important nutrient essential to maintaining total body health.
Your body needs it every day-not just to keep your bones and
teeth strong, but to ensure proper functioning of muscles and
nerves. It even helps your blood to clot. But can too much
calcium be a problem? Yes, it can. A MATTER OF
BALANCE Calcium deficiency can be a serious issue and has
been heavily promoted through the media and advertising. But the
hidden cause of calcium deficiency is the fact that available
calcium is not being assimilated by the body due to a lack of
magnesium. Without a proper balance of these two minerals,
magnesium gets depleted, which will result in the negative
effects associated with lack of magnesium and a buildup of
unassimilated calcium. In addition to the many calcium
(without magnesium) supplements on the market, calcium is now
added to cereals, crackers, juice, antacids and other items
(including soft drinks). None of these products contain
magnesium to balance the added calcium. CALCIUM, MAGNESIUM
AND STRESS Calcium and magnesium are two different sides of a
coin. Calcium excites nerves while magnesium calms them down.
Calcium makes muscles contract. Magnesium is necessary for
muscles to relax. Calcium is needed for blood clotting but
magnesium keeps the blood flowing freely. It is vital to keep
these minerals in balance. Too little magnesium to balance
calcium can be both uncomfortable and unhealthy. To ward off
the negative effects of a prolonged period of stress or
over-reaction to stress, calcium needs to be balanced with
adequate amounts of magnesium. Going through a stressful period
without sufficient magnesium can set up a deficit that, if not
corrected, can linger, causing more stress (see symptoms of
magnesium depletion listed below) and further health
problems. Today we have diets dangerously low in magnesium.
Add the recent inclusion of nutritional calcium via supplements
and food fortifications meant to stave off osteoporosis and many
of us are getting inadequate magnesium plus too much
calcium. Women taking calcium supplements to prevent
osteoporosis-without adequate magnesium-can actually lower the
vital bone mineralization process. Magnesium is as important as
calcium in the prevention of osteoporosis and is crucial to
increasing bone mass. NATURAL CALM PLUS CALCIUM If you
feel you are not getting sufficient calcium in your diet, Peter
Gillham's Natural Calm Plus CalciumTM is the answer. It blends
Natural CalmTM-the best-selling, most absorbable and fastest
acting magnesium available-with calcium and other key
ingredients so the calcium you take will actually be fully
utilized. Your body's magnesium level won't be depleted and
there won't be any buildup of unabsorbed calcium. Symptoms
of Magnesium Depletion Millions suffer daily from symptoms
that can result from a lack of magnesium. Because magnesium is
required for hundreds of enzymatic reactions (enzymes are
protein molecules that stimulate every chemical reaction in the
body), deficiency can cause a wide variety of symptoms, such
as Low Energy Fatigue Weakness PMS and Hormonal
Imbalances Inability to Sleep Muscle Tension, Spasms &
Cramps Calcification of Organs Weakening Bones Abnormal
Heart Rhythm Anxiousness Nervousness Irritability A NEW
NATURAL CALM FORMULATION by Peter Gillham Natural Calm Plus
Calcium utilizes the same advanced technology as Natural Calm.
The minerals in this product go into total solution in their
ionic form and are readily available to the body. Water acts as
a carrier and transports the minerals quickly to where the body
needs them. Natural Calm Plus Calcium contains added
nutrients to ensure that the calcium is absorbed and utilized.
It is the most advanced formula available for the assimilation
of calcium. This is particularly important, as calcium will not
be efficiently assimilated by the body without these other
nutrients being present. In addition to calcium, Natural
Calm Plus Calcium contains magnesium (Natural Calm), vitamin C,
vitamin D and boron, which assist in the assimilation,
utilization and distribution of the calcium within the body.
This results in the creation of strong bones, joints and
connective tissue, and a healthy, active immune system to
protect against invasion of bacteria, viruses and other
uninvited guests. Natural Calm Plus Calcium also includes
potassium, which is vital for a healthy heart, nerve function
and energy production. This product is ideal for men and
women of all ages and in particular for seniors, as it helps in
the reversal of bone loss, joint, cartilage and connective
tissue deterioration, and malfunction of the various glands and
their emission of hormones. Natural Calm Plus Calcium is
formulated with 3 parts magnesium to 2 parts calcium, which will
prevent a surplus of calcium robbing the body's vital magnesium
supply and avoid the symptoms associated with depleted levels of

Natural Calm Plus Calcium Supplement Facts Servin Size: 2
Teaspoons Magnesium 300mg Calcium 200mg Potassium
99mg Vitamin C 250mg Vitamin D3 100IU Boron
500mcg Ingredients: Magnesium Citrate, Magnesium ascorbate,
Calcium Gluconate, Potassium citrate, ascorbic acid, Vitamin D3,
Boron Citrate.

Calcium is needed by everybody to build healthy bones and
support various body functions. Peter Gillham has a formulation
that has been perfectly designed to help the body absorb
calcium. This product is called Natural Calm Plus Calcium.
Natural Calm Plus when mixed with water produces an ionic form
of calcium and magnesium which is readily available for
absorption in the body. Natural calm Plus as added vitamins and
minerals such as vitamin C, vitamin D, and boron to increase
absorption and assimilation in the body. As men and women
age demand for quality calcium and minerals increases. Because
of age we all experience hormone decline and bone loss to some
extent. Supplementing with Peter Gillham’s Natural Calm Plus,
we can help strengthen bones, joints and connective tissue and
promote muscle growth. Natural Calm Plus is suitable for all
ages, ideal for pregnant and breast feeding women and seniors.
This supplement may be right for you if you experience any of
the following symptoms: 1. Loss of Energy 2. fatigue 3. PMS
and hormone imbalance 4. inability to
sleep 5. weakness 6. Headaches 7. Muscle Tension 8. muscle
spasms and cramps 9. abnormal heart rhythms 10. weakening
bones 11. anxiousness 12. or irritability Give Peter
Gillham’s Natural Calm and Natural Calm Plus a try.

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