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The First All-Natural Solution RECOMMENDED by YM Magazine!
Developed by the herbalist for her own 5 year old son! He is 12
now and the warts never came back! No unpleasant chemical
preparations. Non-sting formula. Non-invasive formula
Feels like water! EZ to Use! No burning it off No cutting
it off No freezing it off No need for harsh chemicals No
need for embarrassing warts!! Just ask our kids! Bloodroot
and Creosote herb, vinegar, Tea Tree and other pure essential
oils make this natural herbal and aromatherapy formula. Highly
effective! Guaranteed! Cruelty free, of course! Thwart
warts! 'Three years ago, I treated my 5 year old with Wart
Wonder to rid him of a wart so big on his foot that it hurt him
terribly to walk. The treatment was easy. I applied a few
drops on a bandage and covered the wart with it three times
daily. Within weeks he was free of his plantar warts and decided
I could fix anything! My little guy is nine now and continues to
be wart-free!' Linda Doby, herbalist. 'I waited three years
for this day! It's amazing!! My beard area was covered in flat
warts. It is very hard getting an acting job with warts all over
one's face! much less finding a girlfriend. I found Wart Wonder
at the Redoundo Beach Whole Foods store, have used it for a week
and my face is gorgeous! I had tried everything from Thuja Oil
to Tea Tree to Pau d'Arco tea and other preparations. I saw
dermatologists who gave me medicine to ignite my immune system
but nothing worked! Wart Wonder targeted the wart leaving the
surrounding skin alone. It is worth every penny. If it were not
for Wart Wonder I would have had the warts forever!' C.B.,
CA 'After 5 years and hundreds of dollars going to
dermatologists for warts, I was about to give up. I went to
herbal garlic, castor oil, vitamin A and E...nothing
worked...until I came across WART WONDER. This is the most
amazing stuff that I have ever tried!! Everyone who knows me and
my trouble with warts is in disbelief. I cannot tell you how
grateful I am to you and Wart Wonder. After 5 long years I can
now go out without putting bandages on my warts to hide them.
Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.' K. V. Richmond,
VA Recommendations: Often described as having a crusty
outer layer, warts have a soft core that is fed by tiny
capillaries. The capillaries form a clot at the tip, which looks
like a dark dot in the wart's center. Warts are caused by a
virus and are highly contagious! This Verruca virus thrives in
warm, moist environments and will not show up on the skin for
1-20 months after exposure. Reduce risk of getting and spreading
warts by wearing shoes, especially at public pools and in locker
rooms. Keep feet clean and dry. Never share shoes or socks. Do
not touch or scratch warts. Don't share towels. Change shoes and
socks daily. Conventional medical treatments such as laser
surgery, chemical treatments, and excision surgery are greatly
expensive, can damage surrounding skin, leave scars and often do
not work permanently. Left untreated, warts can grow quite
large, painful and can spread to other parts of the body.
Although warts can appear at any age, older adults who have
never experienced the pain and embarrassment of warts most
likely won't. Warts are caused by a virus and may grow singly or
in clusters. 20% of all common warts will disappear on their
own. Most of us prefer not to leave it to chance.
Ingredients: Bloodroot, Creosote herb, vinegar, Tea Tree oil,
and other pure essential oils. All information on this site
is provided for informational purposes only. It should not be
used to self-diagnose or personally treat any medical condition
or disease or prescribe any medication. If you have a medical
condition you are urged to contact your personal health care
provider. Statements on this website have not necessarily been
evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, and are not
intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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