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# WN0040

Yeast Rescue® is an intimately soothing, instant-acting
botanical and aromatherapy blend of organic and wildcrafted
botanicals and pure essential oils with Vitamin E. As so
many of us know all too well, vaginal and penile yeast
infections are ferociously irritating. The intense itching,
redness, sores, burning and cheesy discharge make for a very
long day. Yeast infections (Candida) are not just a
feminine issue. Women may experience a cheesy white vaginal
discharge intense itching, redness, and sores on the vulva. Men
with yeast infections may notice a white discharge, redness and
irritation of the penis and scrotum although they may
asymptomatic. What causes this overgrowth of yeast?
Antibiotics, diabetes and intimate contact with an infected
person can cause yeast infections. Antibiotics, diabetes and
Partners transfer the yeast-like condition back and forth which
can create a never ending cycle of irritation. If you start
itching, share your bottle of Yeast Rescue!® with your partner!

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