WISDOM NATURAL BRANDS: Bombilla Strainer Straw 1 per pkg

Bombilla Strainer Straw - 1 per pkg

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Bombilla StrainerStrawâ„¢ For Wisdomâ„¢ Loose Tea Products For
Maximum Herbal Nutrition This ancient device for sipping herbal
tea preparations is clearly the most healthful and convenient
method devised. When herbs float unrestricted in hot water they
release more nutrients. Sipping through a Bombilla releases
maximum possible nutrients and increases oral absorption, which
carries nutrients through the lining of the mouth directly into
the blood stream. The bombilla is a one-time investment as it
can last for years. Serving Suggestions Simply prepare loose
herbal tea, place the Bombilla into the herbs collected at the
bottom of the mug and sip

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