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Now Products are favoties among customers Darrell Miller 10/21/05

Kal Beyond Red Yeast Rice (Free Shipping)
   60 ct $68.75 37% OFF $ 43.31
Kal Blood Pressure Defense - Free Shipping
   60ct + 60ct TwinPack $88.99 39% OFF $ 54.28
Kal Blood Sugar Defense Twinpack (Free Shipping)
   60ct + 60ct $54.49 43% OFF $ 31.06
Kal Sure Stevia Extract Powder (Free Shipping)
   Twinpack 3.5 + 3.5 oz $81.99 $ 51.98

Now Products are favoties among customers

Date: October 21, 2005 08:13 AM
Author: Darrell Miller (
Subject: Now Products are favoties among customers

Now Products are favoties among customers

  • • NOW Twinpacks offer value that customers have come to greatly appreciate.
  • • By refusing to overprice our products, NOW makes it possible for customers to purchase more.
  • • Our patented Ageless ® Protection system offers an extended shelf life that ultimately results in less waste and uncompromised product quality.

    “We would prefer to sell only high-dollar items.”

    High dollar items are great, provided that they sell. But its very difficult to survive on high priced items alone. Selling only high dollar items runs the risk of watching them not sell. It can also prevent you from capturing high margin up-sell opportunities. The most successful retailers are those who offer “Value” lines rooted in quality and industry demand.


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