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Solaray is a well-known brand of natural supplements and herbs owned by the Nutraceutical company. Solaray vitamins Company was started in 1973 and became the pioneer in the market of complimentary herbal products. The encapsulated products manufactured by Solaray Company contains active and inactive herbal ingredients that rapidly disintegrate in the body and are easy to swallow. In 1984, the Company started its new brand line that offers not only blended herbal products but also included vitamins, minerals and speciality formulas.

The diverse line of Solaray products include Solaray vitamins, minerals, blended herbal products, Skin care products, Weight loss and detox and health aids. Spectro, CranActin and Pygeum are some of the popular products developed by Solaray. Spectro is a multivitamin/multimineral supplement that provides all the essential nutrients required for healthy functioning of the body. CranActin is known as the best selling cranberry supplement in the Healthy Foods Channel and Pygeum and Saw Palmetto help in maintaining the health of male organs (especially prostate).

Solaray products are distributed in more that 60 countries and are quite popular in United States. It consists a wide range of over 900 products, highest in the supplement industry. The Company is known for its high quality products, consistency and developing new innovative supplements. Several laboratory tests are performed to evaluate identity of the substances, microbial content, potency and purity of ingredients. None of its products contain FD & C colors, aluminum, high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, sweeteners and preservatives and pharmaceutical glazes. Though screening for herbicides, heavy metals and pesticides is done thoroughly, the allowable levels are not mentioned.

Solaray formulates and distributes vitamins that provide you food grown nutrients and are purely vegetarian, gluten and dairy free. Hence can be taken by people who have lacose-intolerance or gluten-intolerance. It has a range of vitamin B complex products, which play an important role in metabolism or breakdown of food in to energy. Each vitamin B has a specific role in promoting overall health. Solaray Vitamins are safe to consume, and helps in normal functioning of the body and hence promoting overall general health. Solaray Vitamins are affordable and inexpensive.

Vitamins are essential for healthy functioning of the body. Fruits, vegetables, milk, eggs and meat are common sources of vitamins and minerals. But in today's fast paced lifestyle, people do not get time to eat fresh vegetables and fruits and they prefer eating canned food or ready to eat food. This leads to deficiency of nutrients in the body. This deficiency can be treated by taking vitamin supplements. Solaray vitamin supplements are made of high quality ingredients under strict manufacturing standards and provide all the required nutrients in right amount.

Vitamin supplements are essential for pregnant women and lactating mothers to support mother as well as child's health, people with chronic illnesses, people susceptible to frequent illnesses and for those who do not get time to eat balanced healthy food. You can get Solaray Vitamins from convenenience stores, mini marts and other health food stores. The company website has provided an online catalog of products. Have you had your Solaray Vitamins today?

Solaray Product List

1.   860
Activated Charcoal Activated Charcoal   90ct 280mg

$ 7.95
44% OFF
2.   42608
Activated Charcoal Powder Activated Charcoal Powder   75g

$ 15.83
34% OFF
3.   5100
Adrenal Caps Adrenal Caps   60ct 170mg

$ 9.70
34% OFF
4.   74974
AHCC Plus NAC And Beta Glucan AHCC Plus NAC And Beta Glucan   30 Capsules

$ 42.22
38% OFF
5.   110
Alfalfa Alfalfa   100ct 1000mg

$ 5.65
44% OFF
6.   120
Aloe Vera Gel Aloe Vera Gel   100ct 2000mg

$ 7.61
44% OFF
Solaray List

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