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About At Last Naturals

Located in Valhalla, NY, At Last Naturals has been involved in Natural product research and development for over 35 years.

At Last Products are dedicated to improving overall health and wellness by comprising the principles of natural healing with the benefits of modern science.

The company’s product line consists of toiletries, natural alternative products, health and beauty care, and over the counter pharmaceuticals. It’s management team has a solid background in natural cosmetics and pharmaceuticals and are long time advocates of Natural alternative medicine.

The At Last Naturals Philosophy

Every At Last Naturals Product is developed according to the highest standards of excellence. At Last Naturals Products are dedicated to improving general health and wellness by combining the principles of natural healing with the benefits of modern science.

Our goals are simple: each At Last Naturals Product must be effective for its purpose, safe to use, of desired assayable potency and derived from the most beneficial high quality natural source.

I am a woman.
I have a human body.
I have the senses of the body.
Through interacting with people and things around me I learn my lessons in life. These eyes want vision.
The mouth wants flavor.
The ears want sounds.
The body wants feelings.
The mind wants peace.
That is the nature of the human condition.
Simply put… Joy in Life is a Question of Balance!™.

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