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The ActiPet® brand was introduced in May 2000 with the ideal that pet food alone is simply not enough. Our beloved pets continually face many potentially problematic health conditions including breath odor, joint problems, hairball blockage, skin and coat conditions, anxiety and immune system stress. Therefore, it is essential to recognize that supplementation is as important to your pet's health and well-being as it is to your own and it should not be overlooked.

ActiPet® was created to help your beloved pet remain healthy and active. Each fine ActiPet® product is specially formulated with only the highest quality human-grade raw ingredients and contains potent and efficacious amounts of key ingredients and nutrients that target specific health conditions.

Actipet Product List
1.   18860
Lawn Rescue Lawn Rescue   60ct

$ 8.09
46% OFF
2.   40224
Omega 3 Omega 3   8 oz

$ 15.67
39% OFF
3.   18626
Omega Canine Omega Canine   8oz

$ 12.85
46% OFF
4.   18685
Organic Catnip Craze Organic Catnip Craze   45g

$ 5.39
46% OFF
5.   16056
Pure & Gentle Shampoo Pure & Gentle Shampoo   8 oz Liq

$ 7.68
38% OFF
6.   89743
The Pet Crystal The Pet Crystal   1.75 oz

$ 3.17
39% OFF
Actipet List
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