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Miztique Teas

In March 2003, Nutraceutical and The Great Tea Wizard™ introduced Miztique™ Teas - Endowed by Nature and Finished with Magic.

The Miztique™ brand matches the highest quality tea leaves from around the globe with the most aromatic and exciting flavors to ensure your health satisfaction. The Great Tea Wizard™ has combined the magical healing powers of teas and herbs to cast a spell on your taste buds. Arouse your senses and support your health with ten proprietary blends from the Miztique™ brand: Smooth Spell, miztique tea

Energy Brew™ Get Up & Fly Blend™
   Lemon Maté flavor

Soothing Spell™ Relaxation Blend
   Vanilla Peach Dream flavor

Digestive Magic™ Stomach Blend
   Soothing Mint flavor

Chai Spirit™ Green Chai Tea
   Vanilla Cinnamon Swirl flavor

Wizard Green™ Organic Green Tea
   Lemon Shimmer flavor

Decaf Wizard Green™ Decaffeinated Green Tea
   Lemon Sparkle flavor

Dragon Detox™ Cleansing Blend
   Hibiscus New Moon flavor

Winter Potion™ Wellness Blend
   Touch of Lemon flavor

Secret Fortune™ Antioxidant Blend
   Charming Orange flavor

Red Rooibos Moon™ Rooibos Red Tea
   Marion Blackberry & Raspberry flavor

Power Chill™ Black Iced Tea
   Smooth Citrus flavor

Sun Spell Splash™ Herbal Iced Tea
   Peach Cranberry Chill flavor

All Miztique™ teas are packaged in natural fiber, round tea bags inside a distinctive silver tin with collectible lids. Enjoy The Magic™ of Tea!

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