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VegLife® 100% Vegan Supplements began in 1992 as a product line within the Solaray® brand. The goal was to create a line of products that would be suitable for strict vegetarians who prefer not to consume products that include any animal-derived ingredients, including gelatin capsules.

The VegLife® brand was among the first to introduce a line of nutritional supplements using a cellulose-based capsule with substantially equivalent characteristics to traditional gelatin capsules. Consumers showed substantial interest in this product line, so Nutraceutical established it as a separate brand in 1995 in order to allow a management team to focus on the development of a full line of vegan products. This team scrutinizes every ingredient used in each product developed, ensuring that strict vegan standards are met.

The VegLife® brand offers over 50 vitamins, minerals, herbs and specialty products in attractive packaging. This 100% Vegan line also includes a line of protein shakes sold under the trademark Peaceful Planet™.

Veglife Product List
1.   74800
Peaceful Digestion Peaceful Digestion   50ct

$ 11.21
32% OFF
2.   21928
Red Marine Calcium Red Marine Calcium   90 Tab

$ 8.55
41% OFF
3.   71803
Shatavari Ashwagandha - Stress Support Shatavari Ashwagandha - Stress Support   60 ct

$ 16.11
35% OFF
4.   73770
St. John's Wort Extract St. John's Wort Extract   50ct 325mg

$ 7.82
42% OFF
5.   87031
Supreme Vegan D 2000IU Supreme Vegan D 2000IU   100 ct

$ 6.37
41% OFF
6.   93013
Tribulus Saffron - Male and Female Vitality Tribulus Saffron - Male and Female Vitality   60 ct Vcp

$ 17.47
44% OFF
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