Natural Balance: MSM Cream 2oz

MSM Cream - 2oz

by   Natural Balance
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I first started using your MSM Cream when I lived in Colorado.
My husband also uses your product for headaches. I tried this
also as it seems to help. An added benefit was the reduction of
fine lines on my neck and the smooth texture of my skin. I would
recommend this product for the soothing effect it has on pain
and tight muscles and also for the moisturizing effect it has on
your skin. Thanks!” Catherine F. Madison, WI MSM -
Although MSM is well-known for joint health, it also promotes
healthy epithelial tissue and is a great moisturizer. Aloe Vera
gel - Aloe has been used since ancient times for treating the
skin - burns, scrapes and bites. Aloe is also a moisturizer and
contains anti-inflammatory compounds. Calendula extract - This
variety of marigold flower is known for treating the skin, from
first aid treatment of minor burns and scalds to inflammation of
the skin. Vitamin E - Beneficial antioxidant that protects and
helps heal skin. Vitamin A - Important vitamin essential for
healthy skin.

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